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Since 1986, the only marine intelligence and investigative consultants in Italy
Skilled Services for Insurance Market

The firm operates traditionally in the wide and specialist maritime, transport, logistics and insurance sector.

Over time, MIC has extended its services to other branches giving support in a variety of cases according to the needs expressed by the companies.


Our services


Mic is based on its first hand long-term experience in the marine, transport, logistics and insurance intelligence sectors and our skilled services include:

Marine Investigations
Analysis of pre entry safety guidelines
Cargo theft investigations
Collection of evidence for litigation purpose
Accident investigations onboard
Crew claims - passangers injiuries claims investigations
Investigations and collection of evidence of theft and robberies regarding
Inspection of goods to prevent fraud cases
Legal team service
Marine, Special Yachts, Superyachts, Pleasure Yachts, Investigations & Consultants
Yachts reports - due diligence
Theft investigations
Inquiries to support yacht litigation
Inquires into the cause of damage and prevention of act of vandalism
Prevention of fraud
Targeted and in-depth investigations concerning "fraudulent claims"
Inspection on site, search of witnesses
Support to companies for the verification of documents of interest such as nautical licences, engines identification and registration numbers
Report on the theft of yachts in real time at a global level
Skilled Services for Insurance Market
Due diligence service
Preparation of files on situations involving damage and inquiries into crimes in general in all fields
In-depth investigations and information for the recovery of insurance premiums
Cooperation with general management in delicate cases
Detection and prevention of insurance fraud
Transport & Logistics
Specific consultancy in the filed of prevention and control of theft
Loss prevention / loss investigations / logistics investigations
Security audits
Supply chain theft
Alberto Biancofiore is a member of
International Association of Marine Investigators
International Association of Special Investigatotion Units
WAD inc Usa   WAD inc Usa
Wold Association of Detectives
The association of british investigators